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Harnessing the power of our emotions


Harnessing the power of our emotions

A Coast expert in a niche field of holistic health is helping clients heal themselves through a range of services. WORDS: Chloe Nelson.

Regulation through expression, energetic intuition, self-intelligence and emotional anatomy: this might sound complicated. But Sunshine Coast local, Kirrilee (Kirri) Murray – an expert in a niche field that explores holistic health and the importance of human connection – says it is far simpler than it seems. A person just has to learn how.

Over 25 years, Kirri has accumulated a wealth of knowledge through exploration, research and a passion for offering a service that stands out from the rest.

“It is the belief system that emotions are energy in motion,” she says.

“Emotions live in our bodies and are constantly impacting our anatomy.”

Kirri believes that emotions, if not processed, can manifest into disease or blockages in the body, and it’s the body’s way of asking for attention.

“We are constantly receiving messages. We just need to listen,” she says.

Helping people read and listen to their anatomy and guiding them to find their inner wisdom to respond to those messages is what Kirri is so passionate about: helping people come into a sense of alignment, gain freedom, release blocked energy and ease the disease.

And so, Kirri created her business Urthe and decided to use her knowledge of emotional anatomy to deliver personal, one-on-one sessions for clients of all ages.

Her main clients tend to be children but can range up to 75 years old, and many work with her using their NDIS package funding.

“These sessions provide a beautiful opportunity for me to be with the child in exactly who they are in that moment, and to be with them in their expression of themselves,” Kirri says.

“If they have high energy, I will create a very active session to help move the energy around their body. If they’re having a curious day, I will integrate sensory exploration activities and include a lot of sensory input. If they have low energy, I will offer bodywork. This may include using a massage ball on their muscles, going in a body sock or under a weighted blanket.”

Kirri uses her many years of experience, study and skill to create sessions purely based on the client’s needs, leaving all expectations about what might happen at the door. She hones in on what the client is passionate about, using their skills and interests to guide the session.

“I love to draw on the individual’s special interests to make the session highly relatable to them so they’re engaging and it feels purposeful. It becomes a celebration of who they are,” she says.

After two or three of these sessions a day, Kirri will return home to do behind-the-scenes work on her business. Emails, graphic design, social media, filming YouTube videos, producing website materials and everything in between – Kirri will juggle every aspect of running a business, essentially by herself.

After this, Kirri might conduct a private information/mentoring session with a parent, guiding them through techniques and strategies to help them either personally or with their families. In addition to this, she dedicates any spare time to delving into study to further develop knowledge and skills, constantly researching and challenging herself.

Kirri reflects on a 10-year-old client she works with, who has a real interest in geometry, complex equations and shapes. Together, they learn how to make geometric shapes with their bodies, do origami, paint equations and use various art materials.

“I’m offering him a creative side to his analytical brain, connecting with who he is as an individual and helping him to expand on that through curiosity and connection,” she says.

For Kirri, no two workdays look the same, with each week bringing a completely different schedule and requirements from her clients.

An example of a recent workday included teaching a high school yoga/mindfulness class in the morning, followed by a one-on-one session with a client at their home.

Kirri’s eyes light up when she talks about her work: “It gives me the opportunity to explore the world through other people’s eyes, allowing me to see different perspectives and grow myself.

“My work offers me what I offer my students. We are there with, and for, each other.”

Whether this be sensory exploration, emotional regulation or a movement session, Kirri will adapt her services to meet the needs of the individual and tailor her sessions to suit.

“It feels magical. The individual can embody their truest self and I get the honour of not only witnessing that, but supporting that to happen,” she says.

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