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I’m a walking dictionary


I’m a walking dictionary

Sami Muirhead seems like she is chuffed to be so up to date with all the lingo the cool kids are using around town. Amirite?

You would love to eat a fluffernutter, amirite? A ‘fluffernutter’ is a sandwich that consists of peanut butter mixed with marshmallows. It is also one of the most recent words added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. ‘Amirite’ is a slang way of saying, texting or writing: “Am I right”.

So, you see, you really would love to eat a fluffernutter, amirite? Good. Because we are about to hold hands and go on a steep learning curve when it comes to new words that have become so entrenched in our society that they now officially make the dictionary.

‘ICYMI’ is one of the latest acronyms you may hear around the Coast and stands for: ‘In Case You Missed It’. ‘Janky’ is another novel word officially added to the dictionary.

It means dodgy – for example: “My knee is feeling a bit janky, so I will skip going to gym again (which means it will be about six years since I have been)”.

‘Cringe’ is also now in the dictionary and means to cause huge embarrassment. To use this in context, my kids could say: “Mum, you were so cringe when you sang karaoke after your third glass of chardy at the pub”.

We now have an official name for those of us who are socially awkward, with the introduction of the word ‘adorkable’ to the dictionary. ‘Sus’ is also a new addition, meaning a suspect person or suspect behaviour. ‘Yeet’ is one you may not have heard of yet – meaning to throw something very hard. For example, you may say: “I am going to yeet this ball at that sus guy who is eating a fluffernutter”.

But my favourite unfamiliar word is ‘MacGyver’. Youth may have all the collagen, but they missed one of the greatest TV shows of the 1980s. Those of us who are ageing like a fine wine will, of course, remember him as the guy on the small screen who could get you out of any spot of trouble using random tools lying around. So, to use this innovative word in context, you may say: “I am sure we can MacGyver our way out of this sticky situation”.

This makes me incredibly happy.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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