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Pulling a new kind of Swiftie


Pulling a new kind of Swiftie

Sami Muirhead will channel her inner teenager to share a new era in music with her daughter at the upcoming Taylor Swift concert.

We are all just living in Taylor Swift’s world. I am so intrigued at the obsession millions of fans have with the 34-year-old singer.

My daughter turns 13 in a fortnight. She is a hardcore Swift fan, known as a ‘Swiftie’. My daughter listens solely to music performed by the star. The only thing my girl looks at on the internet is Swift. The only thing she really wants to talk about is Swift. Avalon sleeps in Swift pyjamas and makes TS friendship bracelets.

When I was a teenager (insert the dinosaur jokes) I was crushing hard on Wa Wa Nee, Bananarama, Wham!, The Cure, Dolly Parton and Nirvana. I loved all sorts of music and artists. I would tear out posters from my Smash Hits magazine each month and stick them on my bedroom walls.

My favourite cassette mix tape was one I made by recording Take 40 Australia, and had Come On Eileen and Careless Whisper on it. I played the field with my eclectic music taste. Not so my daughter. There is only one for her and it is the mighty Taylor Swift. The cat-loving American is a self-made, world-wide phenomenon and has entered her billionaire era. Her star factor is out of this world and is arguably bigger than The Beatles or Elvis Presley.

I think this country singer and songwriter-turned-pop superstar and the most-famous woman in the world is wonderful. I am glad my daughter has chosen such a talented trailblazer to look up to. The singer has dozens of hits with clever and sassy lyrics and her fans love her vulnerability. She sets an example of prioritising time with friends and currently is dating a good-looking guy who plays American football in the unfortunately titled position of ‘tight end’.

So, yes, we are lucky enough to be going to the actual Taylor Swift concert. I am losing sleep over what a middle-aged mum wears to the hottest gig in the country. I guess, if in doubt, Mum jeans are a trusty fallback. I reckon Swift would approve.

But I am savouring every week of the countdown to the concert with my precious daughter, as I know one day soon I will not be cool enough to warrant an invite to social gatherings. For one special night, I will hold my girl’s hand and pretend we are both 13 as we dance the night away.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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