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The secret of Nikki’s success


The secret of Nikki’s success

Yaroomba’s Nikki Fogden-Moore is a woman on a mission, and her personal philosophy is helping her clients to thrive with vitality, confidence and courage. WORDS: Shirley Sinclair

Nikki Fogden-Moore’s life seems so full-on, it can make your head spin. The long-time Yaroomba resident has spent 25 years working with elite athletes, CEOs, movers and shakers and their teams, across some of the world’s leading brands.

She is a high-performance coach, mentor, author, brand-maker, podcaster and social media influencer.

Early in her career, her clients also dubbed her ‘The Mojo Maker’. This ‘do-er’ seamlessly moves from one major project to the next, helping leaders or social media followers one appointment, post, public-speaking engagement or self-help book at a time.

“I see myself as a navigator for my clients: in the trenches, shining light down the path ahead and working on multiple dimensions,” she says. “Leaders are not defined by title but rather by attitude, action and their ability to create impact.”

“Attitude, action, impact” could be Ms Fogden-Moore’s personal mantra. And in these COVID-crazy times, those words are even more important for overcoming challenges and having the self-belief to take control and reach your potential – becoming the CEO of your own life.

Ms Fogden-Moore made that transition early in life: an unconscious awakening that may have had its roots in a horrendous school bus crash that resulted in five deaths, life-changing disabilities for some of the students and her own hospitalisation. “I had a huge premonition seconds before the bus went over the cliff that we were going way too fast and we were about to crash,” she recalls vividly. “I know exactly where I was sitting and remember the violence of the initial screeching and careering off the road, where all the girls from the back seat flew past us to the front … hitting my head as we were thrown around.

“If you’ve ever been in an accident like that, you will know when I say the smell of bus fumes, steel and the leather seats are all triggers in your cellular system that take you to that moment time and time again.”

On reflection, the accident connects some dots in her life today. “Not until the ambulance driver who received a long service award reached out to me 30 years later did the bus accident really play a bigger role in my consideration for how I coped with fear or challenges with sheer grit and determination,” she says.

“There are many profound reflections for me looking back that make me understand why, as an adult, I just shut down any fear and did my best to soldier through whatever I was facing. As a 12-year-old new boarder at a school, hours away from home, that was my only option: suck it up. In those days, there was no therapy or conversations. I remember having to come up with a mantra to get back in buses to go to school sports events and trips, completely petrified: MOM (mind over matter).

“We all go through things in life – all of us, and for me it’s not about hanging on to the trauma but recognising the impact and then having full gratitude and awareness for the gifts of being here and in the now.”

Ms Fogden-Moore says while she feels sorry for the younger version of herself, she recognises that the experience created in her a “complete wholehearted love of
being in my life and an absolute tenacity to appreciate each day and the fact I can run, jump, swim and move, as that was at one point not looking very possible”.

No wonder she seems to be on a mission to live life to the fullest.

You might wonder when she has time for sleep and “life”.  But not only does she find time for “life”, she makes it a routine.

“If you don’t create healthy habits, you are not committing to yourself.

“We really have no excuse – it’s all about choice not chance.”

She believes no success should come at the cost of health and living life. “No [entrepreneurial] life or any kind of life should be filled with anxiety, overwhelm and depression. You do not need to accept that as the flip side of success.

“My work is very much an extension of who I am – no excuses, plain and simple. So I do work ‘long hours’, but it’s by choice not chance,” she says. “I bring the best clarity, vision, creativity and conscious support to my clients and my business when I am happy, healthy and in flow.

“So, integrating my weeks with space to ensure vision and wellbeing are critical for clear decision making and retaining the capacity to work at the pace I do.

“I am a firm believer, and practise what I preach, in work/life blend. You’ll see that written throughout all my books and models: winning weeks create masterful months and remarkable years.”

So for balance, Ms Fogden-Moore’s ‘me’ time is devoted to anything sporty, outdoorsy on the water and adventurous or off-grid as well as long lunches in Noosa with friends, chats with her mum and a glass or two of champagne.

She especially recommends the ocean for finding your ‘mojo’.

For more than a decade, the longboarder has been great friends with seven-time surfing world champion Layne Beachley.

“She’s such a cracker of a human! Friendships like that are like family – they run deep, are unconditional and we always learn from each other,” Ms Fogden-Moore says. “Our philosophies on life are very similar in the fact we don’t live by traditional rules and are always seeking the magic in things.

“The ocean is an elixir. Nature is crucial. It teaches you patience, connection, breath and awareness. To me, the ocean is as close to a representation of universal law as you can see in the 3D. A force far greater than we can comprehend. Not needing to be tamed but to be respected.”

Balance like this also allows critical reflection: something each and every one of us needs to move forward.

“Life is about a complete integration: not just the awareness of knowing we need to do things differently, to actually do things differently – the courage to press pause, refine and review, to step out of the programming of ‘busy’ and into the driver’s seat of articulating what we most desire.

“Oxygen mask first. If you don’t do that, you’re not able to be there for others and also are missing the point of what this incredible journey is in the first place.”

Nikki Fogden-Moore’s new book aims to help readers create opportunities out of roadblocks. Radical Self Belief, Adulting The Rally Of Life has been a decade in the making, drawing on life experience, conversations, observations and study in a 25-year career helping high-level leaders, entrepreneurs and elite athletes find confidence, happiness and true, sustainable success.

Among the pages are coaching worksheets, interviews, inspirational quotes and mantras from her own personal experiences and learnings.

Radical Self Belief, Adulting The Rally Of Life is available from Booktopia, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and via and is the third title by the Sunshine Coast local following the successful releases of Fitpreneur and Vitality. Radical Self Belief – The Mojo Maker Podcast is available for download from iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcast and all available podcast platforms.

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