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Woman of her word

Angela Bueti


Woman of her word

Kawana author Angela Bueti would write books morning, noon and night if she could. Her latest book, The Good Man Project, is a children’s book tackling the issue of domestic violence. It will be distributed by SunnyKids to every school in Australia in order to educate kids about healthy relationships. The book challenges stereotypes about what it means to be a man and helps boys identify positive role models in their lives.

Where on the Sunshine Coast do you live? I have lived in Kawana for the past 12 years. We built our house on Kawana Island when it was first developed and we were the first house on the street.

First job? In my last few years at high school I was a checkout chick at Woolworths. I earned $30 a week.

What are you currently working on? I have just written The Good Man Project, which is part of a bigger strategy by SunnyKids to help tackle the issue of domestic violence. It appals me to think of the number of families suffering because of abusive relationships. With the help of the Project’s backer, Aussie World, the book has been sent to every school in Australia. I truly believe regardless of whether you are directly affected by domestic violence or not, this issue needs a response from everyone in our community. That’s the only way we will stop this epidemic.

Your family includes. . . My husband Peppi, my two sons, Oscar and Archie, and a recent addition, Lucy; no, not a child, but a Spoodle. I am also surrounded by a beautiful extended family on my side as well as my husband’s side.

First car? My pride and joy was my Datsun 120Y; orange body with cream, vinyl roof. My boys laugh that they saw it in a car museum in South Australia.

Favourite book? You have just asked the impossible question. My favourite book depends on my mood, but there’s an all-time favourite which I keep coming back to. It transcends all ages, which is why I love it. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr Seuss has a wonderful message and is beautifully and simply written. I have gifted this book to adults and kids and it never fails to resonate.

What are you reading now? With six books currently sitting on my bedside table I always have choices. I have just finished The Answer by Allan and Barbara Pease. I really admire their determination and tenacity to build a life of their dreams, both personally and professionally.

Favourite song? I will be showing my age here, but this song is timeless. Throw Your Arms Around Me by Hunters and Collectors sends shivers down my spine.

Why do you live here? It’s a fabulous place with such amazing physical beauty where you can swim in the ocean, climb a mountain or just lay in the glorious sunshine. Many people only get a taste of this place while on holiday and we get to live it every day.

What is your favourite place on the Sunshine Coast? The Spit is our regular hangout. We make sure never to take this place for granted and get down there often.

One thing you’d change about the Coast? We need to improve our connectivity to Brisbane. The Bruce Highway is a nightmare. It’s particularly stressful when catching a flight or trying to get into the city for a meeting.

Best day in your life? There are many best days, but nothing really compares to becoming a mother.

Can you nominate a day in your life that turned out to be a turning point? The day I was accepted into uni. I had left high school with pretty poor grades and worked in a number of mundane jobs, and thought, I can’t do this for the rest of my life. I applied to do teaching as a mature aged student and realised that it was my ticket out of there.

You are happiest when? Reading. Sleeping. Eating. Hanging out with my family and friends. The simple things give me joy. Oh, and a good cab sav.

Advice to your 18-year-old self? Have fun, but please be safe. Save your money and travel. Don’t worry about what you will do in life, because you’ll work it out as you go. We are all still working it out.

Tea or coffee? Double shot, soy, flat white. Small cup. Keep those mugs away from me.

NRL or AFL? In our house I am told we have to barrack for North Melbourne (AFL).

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