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Add print for increased competition and results


Add print for increased competition and results

Recent analysis of real estate sales data highlights the value of adding My Weekly Preview to attract more potential buyers.

There is no doubt a good real estate agent understands the value of marketing property, not just selling property. A recent review of real estate sales data has proven that advertising your property in My Weekly Preview (MWP) attracts a whopping 79 per cent more potential buyers than properties advertised online alone.

My Weekly Preview publisher Darryl Olson says: “It’s not very often we get to really crow about the role the magazine plays in helping vendors achieve their dream price for their home. These results came as no surprise.

“We’ve known for over 15 years that MWP has delivered sellers more home buyers, which is all about creating more competition. Ultimately, the more people that are interested in your home, the better the outcome will be.

“We analysed the data from over 330 sales from leading real estate agencies across the Sunshine Coast. We simply asked what were the number of groups coming through the open home and whether they were advertised online or combined with MWP, and the results were very clear that 79 per cent more potential home buyers activity came from properties advertised in MWP and online combined. It’s the most significant and compelling piece of evidence I have ever seen in my experience of 42 years in the industry – and that’s the agents’ data, not ours.”

Mr Olson says that creating competition can also add tens-of-thousands of dollars to the sale price of any home.

“The more competition we can create for your home, the quicker it can sell and for a higher price,” he says.

MWP reaches all buyer groups, including those already in the market and those who can enter quickly when they see something they love.”

What the agents have to say:


Loren Wimhurst and Richard Scrivener
Next Property Group

There is no question, advertising in My Weekly Preview creates competition and drives more buyers to the property, which achieves a better result. The wider the net is cast, the more potential buyers you attract. Some agents think they are saving money by not advertising in MWP, but I believe it’s the best investment you can make. You get people browsing the property pages who may not be in the market, but it spikes their interest and they might come along and have a look and often end up buying the property. I’ve also found it gets results in a shorter time frame. MWP is well established, people look for it and love flicking through it, whether they are looking for property or not. When we have advertised in MWP and the offer comes in, everyone feels more comfortable that everything has been covered professionally.

Jake Loreio
Ray White Buderim

Print is the only advertising medium you can’t filter. When a buyer does an online search for property, they will add search parameters and specifics, but we find we often have buyers cross over into suburbs they didn’t initially consider when they see them in MWP. I sold a property recently to an elderly couple who had no email and no internet, but they saw the property in MWP and bought it. If it had not been in the magazine, they would never have seen the property.

Ross Cattle
Define Property

Over many years and still today, we witness a significant difference in properties advertised in MWP versus those that aren’t. We track the volume of attendees at open homes, with an overwhelming higher number of people attending those properties that are in MWP. This also translates to the sale prices achieved and we have irrefutable evidence of properties selling for amounts from $50,000 to $250,000 more because they were advertised in MWP. The clearest example was a property in Malo Street, Mooloolaba. This property went to auction and was advertised in MWP. At auction, there were 12 registered bidders. Once the auction reached a bid of $900,000, 10 of the 12 registered bidders stopped bidding. The remaining two fought out the bidding from $900,000 to $1,250,000 – $350,000 over the reserve price. One of the two bidders only saw the property on the Thursday before the auction in MWP. A small investment of $1200 to run a campaign in MWP resulted in a return of $350,000.

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