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Developer backs locals with $104,000 in grants


Developer backs locals with $104,000 in grants

AVID Property Group, the developer behind masterplanned community Harmony, is backing local community groups and businesses through its 2019/2020 community sponsorship and grants program.

This year, Harmony received more than 20 worthy applications for its Connect and Activate community grants – each designed to foster local community groups and create lasting connections in the vibrant Harmony community.

AVID general manager Queensland Bruce Harper says sponsorships play an important role in shaping a community.

“We are excited to be able to award six grants to some amazing local businesses and groups in and around our growing Harmony community,” he says.

“Our Connect grants help to create lasting partnerships in and around the wider Harmony community, while our Activate grants help support local initiatives at a grassroots level within Harmony.”

One of Harmony’s Activate grant recipients is Sunshine Sign and Sing – a baby and toddler sign language group run by Harmony mums Elaine Stigwood and Zoe Twose. The group enhances communication with children and their carers through sign language by using songs and stories.

“Sign classes like this are really popular in the United Kingdom; while I was living there I attended classes with my eight-year-old son when he was a baby,” Ms Stigwood says.

“When I had my second baby, I noticed these types of classes were not really offered on the Sunshine Coast or even in Brisbane.

“I first met Zoe through our mums group and she too was also looking for a baby signing group and couldn’t find anything either, so we decided to just start our own.”

Ms Stigwood and Ms Twose say as a new parent it can be quite lonely and they wanted to create a group where parents could come together, share their experiences and feel supported. “Aside from the benefits for the children and their communication, we really want Sunshine Sign and Sing to be another place where parents can come and meet each other,” Ms Stigwood says.

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