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Expert advice from auctioneer of the year

Buderim real estate agent Grant Smith has been announced as the number one Century 21 auctioneer in Australasia.


Expert advice from auctioneer of the year

Sunshine Coast real estate agent and auctioneer Grant Smith adds another feather in his cap after winning a major auctioneering award.

Buderim real estate agent Grant Smith has just been announced as the number one Century 21 auctioneer in Australasia.

The award was highly contested and judged by an expert panel who were looking for style, confidence, engagement, sincerity and knowledge.

Mr Smith will add the award to his already long list of industry achievements.

Here, he talks to My Property Preview about the win and what he sees happening  in the Sunshine Coast property market.

How did it feel to be named number  one auctioneer in Australasia for the Century 21 organisation? It was an honour. When I submitted my application I knew it would be a strong competition across the entire Australasian network. There are so many great auctioneers across Australia  and New Zealand alone, so to receive the award as voted by an independent panel was a great surprise.

Can you hazard a guess as to how many auctions you have called? This one has me thinking. I would have to say it would be over 300 auctions, I became an auctioneer when I was 19. I would also say I have called over  100 auctions for charity. It’s a skill that can be shared to assist in raising money for some wonderful local causes. My most memorable auctions would be one I did for charity at Parliament House Brisbane.

In your opinion, what are the key ingredients for a successful auction?  It’s definitely honesty, rapport and communication. Every auction is different  so in the lead-up, it’s important to explain to both buyers and sellers what to expect on the day and how to go about the process.

Do you think auctions are embraced by more property sellers and buyers? I think more sellers are understanding why it can be the best method. The market is always changing and as real estate agents, even with 14 years’ selling experience, there are still a lot of homes you can’t pick the exact sale price for.

How would you describe the property market climate on the Coast? The market is always changing. The first quarter was the peak of the market in the past 18 months. As we are currently at the end of financial year and winter, we are seeing less heat in the market and buyers are not reacting as quickly. As tradition has it, this is no surprise as June and July are generally the quietest times of year. Activity tends to increase as we roll into spring over August and September.

Where do you see the property market going in the next 12 months? It is always the million-dollar question. However, I think we see stability for the balance of the year. Our region is experiencing so much growth and  a consistent demand.

What is your advice to sellers considering an auction? Don’t dismiss the process before understanding the benefits it could relay in your property sale. I don’t believe every sale is suitable to an auction but if I feel it will generate the best result for  a seller I will certainly advocate and explain the process. Most importantly, not every agent is experienced in the auction process so make sure you engage an agent who is confident and understands the process.

What is your advice to buyers who might be new to the auction process? Request a building and pest and a contract. Make yourself known to the agent, so you can discuss the process. As agents we want  to assist you in purchasing a property. It is a very transparent way to purchase a property as you know what you are bidding against. Most of all, bid with confidence by going in knowing what your limit is.

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