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First impressions count

Interior designer Adrian Ramsay reveals the styling tips that will maximise buyer interest in your home.
First impressions count when you want to achieve the best possible sale price for your home.


First impressions count

Interior designer Adrian Ramsay reveals the styling tips that will maximise buyer interest in your home.

With so many people looking to buy into the Sunshine Coast property market, now is the perfect time to assess whether you are ready for a change of scenery, to upsize for a growing family or downsize if you are looking for less maintenance.

There are a number of things that will have an impact on the potential sale price that you can achieve for your home, but interior design guru Adrian Ramsay knows one thing homeowners can control is how their property presents to the market.

A stylish and functional home will captivate potential buyers and when multiple people love your property, you are more likely to get the best price for your home or unit.

Mr Ramsay shares some simple tips with My Property Preview to help sellers optimise their home’s value.

Like any first meeting, Mr Ramsay says it is all about first impressions.

“Remember, when potential buyers arrive at your house for a viewing, their experience of your home starts from the street the moment they get out of their car. Make sure the journey from the car to your front door is a good one,” he says.

“If potential buyers enter via your garage, is it tidy and well-organised and is there space to park the car? If they will be walking along a driveway, is it in good condition and free of trip hazards? If they will be walking through a front garden, is the area well manicured?”

Now that the buyers have reached your front door, Mr Ramsay says you should take the time to stand in the doorway and look at the first view newcomers will get.

“Take the journey yourself and experience what they will see,” he says.

“Would the front door benefit from a fresh coat of paint? Could you smarten up the area with planters on either side of the front door? Once people are inside your hallway, assess what they will see.”

Looking at how areas can be de-cluttered is a good first step and then consider the overall flow of the home and if all areas are easily accessible.

When looking at areas to renovate, Mr Ramsay says “When thinking re-sale, it’s vital to get the kitchen right.”

Think about whether there is enough space for several people to use it or move through it at once and if there is ample storage, bench space and easy-to-clean finishes.

“It never hurts to oversize a kitchen – it adds to the feeling of luxury in your home.

“There are very different types of cooks out there: some will want to use the kitchen every night, while others will barbecue four nights a week. Consider this and install a great kitchen, backed up with an outdoor area set up for alfresco cooking and entertaining.

“Next to the kitchen and living spaces, the most important rooms to get right are the master bedroom and ensuite,” he says.

“They should feel spacious and tranquil. Try to include a generous robe, ideally a walk-in, and create a restful atmosphere by choosing muted colours and finishes, and warm, low-level lighting – pendant lights and lamps are far better than harsh overhead ceiling lights.”

When it’s time to consider the backyard, think about who your ideal buyer is.

“If your home is likely to attract young professional couples, they probably won’t want a garden that will need daily tending.

“Consider alternative types of gardens that can be maintained with simple reticulation and minimal weeding, such as native, pebble or succulent gardens. If your home is better suited to families, a shaded deck or patio and a lawn are likely to be important features.”

Mr Ramsay says planning is the key.

“Remember to keep it simple and plan for the entire home (including landscaping) and keep your target market at the top of your mind,” he says.

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