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Lightbulb moment


Lightbulb moment

Despite what you may think, there is more to lighting than choosing between pendants and downlights.

Lighting can have a large impact on your electricity costs, not to mention the mood and purpose of a room. Keep practicality in mind but also think outside the square and use lighting to create accent features throughout the home.

Healthy glow
According to the Australian Government’s Your Energy Savings website, switching to energy-efficient lighting could halve your household lighting costs. The cost of running a light is directly linked to the wattage of the light globe or lamp, so the higher the wattage, the higher the running cost.

Pendants are a modern approach to lighting but, depending on the style, can limit the area light reaches. Shade pendants will direct lighting downwards. Choose pendants that project light around the room.

Did you know?
Lighting consumes between eight and 15 per cent of the average household electricity budget. Source:

Do’s and dont’s
• Take advantage of natural lighting – it’s free, clean and will make a room feel open and airy
• Use low-energy compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or LED lighting to reduce running costs
• Two-way switches are smart for use in long hallways or large rooms that have multiple entryways
• The colour temperature of globes is an important consideration – warm soft lighting works in bedrooms and living spaces, while many people prefer cool, white light for areas such as the kitchen or bathroom
• Keep wall colour in mind – light or neutral interior surfaces reflect more light, which in turn means you can use less artificial lighting.


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