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Mudjimba home sale shows how it’s done

The sale of this Mudjimba home exceeded all expectations thanks to a smart marketing campaign that covered all bases.


Mudjimba home sale shows how it’s done

The sale of this Mudjimba home exceeded all expectations thanks to a smart marketing campaign that covered all bases.

With the Sunshine Coast property market ticking along at a comfortable pace, it is still important to take a serious look at the way you market your home when you list it for sale.

For North Shore Realty Marcoola principal agent Keith Blanchard (pictured), who has more than two decades of experience in real estate, he is quick to inform his clients of the power of covering all of their bases to attract the best possible sale price for their property.

He knows that agents who offer to save you money by not preparing a holistic marketing plan that covers both print and online will end up costing sellers a lot more in the long run.

Mr Blanchard’s recent sale of a family home at 52 Cupania Street in Mudjimba is the perfect example. He was able to sell the home for $60,000 more than another home in the area that took three months to sell via another agency that was located outside of the Sunshine Coast. The other agency used an online-only campaign.

The owners of Cupania Street, Shane and Cheryl, had maintained the home throughout the 20 years they had owned their home and Shane, who is a cabinet maker by trade, had installed a new kitchen and refurbished the bathrooms to upgrade all the items that required replacement in a home of its age.

The location in Mudjimba was always going to attract interest, but Mr Blanchard says they still had to ensure that “no stone was left unturned”.

“We had to do everything so we knew we had attracted every possible buyer for their home. This included a very strong online presence, two office window exposures, 12 salespeople all looking for buyers and meeting buyers at many open homes each weekend and referring these people to Shane and Cheryl’s home,” he says.

“Many people would choose to do just this but I wanted to attract a buyer that might not be actively looking and who would fall in love with Shane and Cheryl’s home. To do this we covered print media and in very good quality publication that people read and that has a massive Sunshine Coast coverage. My Weekly Preview was our choice, as the quality is exceptional and the coverage across the region is the best.”

Around 35 groups viewed the home within the three-week window, with the potential buyers being attracted by all sources, including holiday makers who came through carrying copies of My Weekly Preview with a desire to buy a holiday home on the Coast.

At a glance

Property: 52 Cupania Street, Mudjimba
Marketing campaign: Five-week campaign including signage, in person referrals, window display in two offices, My Weekly Preview and the internet.
Marketing investment: $5000
Sale: Three weeks into the five-week campaign, an offer prior to auction with ideal conditions was accepted.
Sold for: $745,000
Investment result: $60,000 more than a similar property in the same locality.


Roxy has been a journalist for more than a decade and joined the MWP team at the end of 2016. She is a chocolate-powered writing machine who loves to engage with the Coast community, uncover untold inspirational stories and share information that can help people.

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