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Pool builders swamped with work thanks to holiday-at-home trend


Pool builders swamped with work thanks to holiday-at-home trend

Sunshine Coast homeowners join the ‘reno-lution’ movement.

The recent trend of holidaying from home has kept workers in the renovating industry booked out months in advance as more locals choose to tick projects off around the home.

Whether it is as simple as a fresh coat of paint, a kitchen or bathroom upgrade or a new pool, right up to a full structural renovation, the local industry has been run of its feet the past 12 months as more homeowners jump on the ‘reno-lution’ bandwagon.

Sean Lynch from Kunda Park-based Pool Fab is recording a 40 per cent increase in locals enquiring to build a pool on their existing block.

“It’s one of the busiest years I’ve had in my career and it’s because people are staying at home and investing in their own property,” Mr Lynch says.

Mr Lynch adds the upfront cost of a pool balances itself out when compared with a few years’ worth of holidays and adds instant value to the property price
as well as that “resort” feel.

“I think it’s a two-pronged approach,” he says. “[Property owners are] wanting to holiday at home and do those projects they might have been putting off for a while.

“But with the property market being so hot at the moment, that’s also encouraging people to invest in their property because they can see the value.”

With a bachelor in environmental science, Mr Lynch is passionate about providing customers with a luxury eco-friendly pool package.

“What we specialise in is these eco smart pool and landscape packages. We do it with this eco-conscious approach where we use energy-efficient pumps and freshwater pools.

“I think when our clients come to us, they want the whole package done and they want someone that is conscious to an eco-responsible approach to the design, the equipment, the materials and the way it’s built.”

With 20 years in the industry, Mr Lynch says he has never “closed his books” for pools to be installed before Christmas in the first quarter, but this year he has.

The recent renovation trend has also seen an increase in modernised homes hitting the market.

With current sale prices so strong, Next Property Group’s Loren Wimhurst says homeowners are realising they can capitalise on adding value to their homes.

“Before you used to just get back the cost of the reno and sometime less; now some of these renos, they are returning 10 to 20 per cent on their investment,” she says.

“There is definitely profit in doing it, it’s worth doing it currently.”

She says most newly renovated homes include bigger kitchens, second living areas and larger gardens.

“They’ve all spent time getting their homes beautiful and the best ones that are received to the market are the ones that have been completely done.”

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