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Style your garden to gain selling edge


Style your garden to gain selling edge

Don’t know where to start when preparing your garden for sale time? It’s not that hard to make your yard stand out.

Your garden may be the last thing you think about when trying to prepare your home for sale, but it can be the one key difference that makes the home stand out from the crowd.

A well-maintained garden is the sort of thing that can catch a buyer’s eye as they drive past your home. “It can be an addition to any property when it goes to sell or even when people turn up to look at it,” Manawee Garden Centre general manager Simon Van Roy says.

Enhancing the buyers’ enthusiasm for your home can be as simple as styling the garden to suit the overall look of the property and location.

It’s not about complicating your garden nor about spending a lot of money on a garden you may not have time to keep looking good up to and through the selling period. It’s about tweaking the garden to make it look healthy and inviting. That may mean thinning out what is already there and introducing more of the same style.

Some common styles are coastal (grasses, banksias, grevilleas, pandanus), formal (square garden beds, paving, topiary) and Hamptons (magnolias, gardenias, azaleas, agapanthus).

“It’s better to use the surrounds and feel already in existence and then choose your plants to fit that style,” Mr Van Roy says. “It’s about consistency so that you try and present the same image from both the street appeal to what is in the backyard. If it’s in a small, confined area maybe use pots to add some softening and greenery.”

After all the recent rain your garden will need fertiliser for the depleted soil. Weed and remove dead or dying plants are the first steps, then fertilise before adding mulch.

“A lovely fresh mulched garden is going to look so clean, neat and tidy, and if you use a really nice mulch such as tea tree or cyprus, it has a light smell to it which is really pleasant for most people,” Mr Van Roy says. “If you change nothing else, spread some mulch and it will pay for itself 10 times over.”

If you are still not sure what style will suit your home, Mr Van Roy recommends a visit to a garden centre armed with photos of the existing garden and your home, and even photos of a garden style you have seen and liked.


Tracey Johnstone has worked as a Journalist for over 15 years. She started as a sailing writer and working on international events both in Australia and overseas. For several years Tracey was a feature writer for a national Seniors newspaper before bringing her experience in buying, selling building and renovating Coast property to MWP in 2019.

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