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Tips for first-time renovators


Tips for first-time renovators

Ever since shows such as The Block graced our screens, many of us have daydreamed of buying a rundown home and turning it into a masterpiece. But the realities associated with such a project can be a different story. Before you start knocking down walls, here are a few tips.

Do your sums first
Before starting, make a list of what you want to achieve, seek quotes from contractors and price up materials if you are doing it yourself. When putting a budget together, make sure you add a 20 per cent buffer for each item to cover anything that might come up. Check out websites such as The Stylesmiths for ideas or connect with local suppliers.

Don’t forget the garden!
Allow for a percentage of your overall budget to be spent on landscaping to complement the work you’ve carried out internally. A big trap for renovators is forgetting the outdoor areas.

Know your ABCs
Once you have decided the way forward, you may need to look at lodging a Development Application (DA), particularly with a larger renovation, and a Building Application (BA). This looks at all the details around the renovation and ensures you are operating within building codes. Talk to your local council.

Existing structuresWhen planning your renovation consider your existing structures. By working with the existing plumbing you will be able to keep costs down while also avoiding expensive rebuilds.

Don’t forget the kitchen and bathroom
The kitchen and bathroom are two areas that add   value to your home, particularly if renovating for an investment or for resell. Make sure your kitchen includes storage, a place for a larger fridge and quality fittings.


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