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Surin puts the paradise back into Phuket


Surin puts the paradise back into Phuket

A haven away from the party crowd, Surin Beach is a pocket of paradise that leaves a lasting impression.

Submerged in the deep blue, sun-warmed water, the only thing I can hear is the subdued sounds of sweet singing birds and the gentle lap of the water against the stone.

A single, soft pink petal floats down from the clear blue sky coming to a soundless stop on the water’s surface. My sleepy eyes focus on the source of this petal – a beautiful bougainvillea with its combination of lush green leaves and pink flowers curling and spiralling down from the structure above.

Memories of past holidays to Fiji and Santorini slide away – this is as close to paradise as I have come. And to think this utopia is only metres from the bustling, often grimy, streets of Phuket, Thailand.

I slip out of our private plunge pool to be greeted by a sun-drenched lounge and cool, fruity drink. The smell of garlic, lemongrass and lime waft from the outdoor living area – lunch has arrived.

As I settle in to enjoy my steaming bowl of pad see ew noodles brimming with fresh, vibrant greens, the peace is temporarily broken. My four-year-old son has woken from his nap and has come in search of me.

He exits through the bifold glass doors that encase our two-bedroom luxurious apartment at The Chava Resort and settles in on his own outdoor lounge.

Interestingly, the calm and laidback life of Surin Beach is having an impact on his usual inability to sit still for too long. He has happily taken to this slower life of beaching, swimming, sunning and eating.

Who wouldn’t? Surin Beach is a world unto itself. Located north of Phuket’s central hub of Patong, Surin has earned the nickname ‘Millionaire’s Row’ due to the number of luxurious resorts that have become celebrity haunts. If you want to relax and holiday in luxury, eat like royalty and swim at the island’s best beach, this is the place to do so.

That said, Surin Beach is not a busy area. Here you won’t find shops angled at the tourists and, outside of the resorts, the restaurant and bar offerings are limited. The roads are dusty and the nearby buildings are dirty, but that’s part of Thailand’s charm.

One thing you can guarantee in Surin Beach is an escape from the loud, often obnoxious, party-loving tourists who frequent the beating heart of Phuket – Patong.

We did not crave the usual tourist experiences, but for those who do, all of the action is only a short drive away from Surin.

If like us, you prefer the quiet, I’d recommend grabbing a cane beach basket complete with bamboo beach mat and sun umbrella (courtesy of The Chava) and strolling across the road to the beach. Here, you can waste away the day, lounging, swimming and even enjoying a beach-side Thai massage. Bliss.

The Chava Resort offers first-class service, large apartments boasting two spacious bathrooms, a kitchen and indoor and outdoor dining. There is a main pool and an on-site restaurant.

If you are looking for a holiday that blends relaxation with fun, this is the place for you. On this, our fourth trip, to Phuket, we are happy to indulge in the turquoise waters of the beach, browse the local markets (be sure to check out the Kamala night markets) and mingle with the kind-natured Thai residents.

The staff fuss over our little boy and greet us like old friends during our eight-night stay. By the end, it was with a heavy heart that we bid goodbye.

*The writer paid for her own trip.


Getting there: Qantas flies from Brisbane to Phuket via Singapore. Visit
Staying there: For great luxury holiday deals visit The Chava Resort is located on Surin Beach and offers a range of options including two-bedroom, three- bedroom and two-bedroom plunge pool apartments. Visit



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